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Fraser joined Earth Calling as a wee bairn in 2007, he was in the wildlife club for serval years before going off to high school. While in High School Fraser came back to Earth Calling to Volunteer at the wildlife clubs, it started off just being one a week but growing to be two-three a week, when Fraser left school he went to college to study Furniture Craft and on his day off he worked for Earth Calling. He went off in 2018/19 to travel all around Australia and live in Switzerland. When he came back he was eager to get back to Earth Calling again. Fraser’s favourite wildlife encounter was watching turtles laying eggs on a beach in Exmouth Australia. He loves rambling around the hills and he is currently working on climbing all the Munros in Scotland and achieving his Mountain Leader Award. His favourite Earth Calling activity is building fires or whittling, and loves playing spotted!

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