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At Earth Calling we provide fun and effective outdoor, nature based corporate events. Spending time outdoors in natural places can be very beneficial for stress relief, building team relationships and improving creativity.

We offer a range of different events that can achieve various outcomes. Whether you are looking for an event that will simply get your team out of the office to have some fun, or an event that encourages out of the box thinking and relationship building, we have got you covered.

Below you will see the event types that we offer and the activities you can choose from. If you have a special request for an event then let us know – we are very flexible. Events can run for half or a full day and catering can be provided. To discuss ideas, enquire about costs, and book days, please email Gus.

Team Building Events

Survival Experience – can your team survive in the wild? Fun, with games and challenges to pick from such as…

  • Survival knowledge – food, water, fire, shelter
  • Survival challenge – fake storm
  • First team to light a fire that lasts more than 15 minutes
  • Den/shelter building
  • Gross eating challenge
  • Hiding/camouflage games
  • War paint
  • Improvised stretcher race
  • Rope knot challenge
  • Blindfolded assault course
  • Hunting weapon making

Bushcraft Skills – learn bushcraft skills and work as a team to build a village in the woods. More educational, creative and hands on.

  • Dens – learn the basic den structures to construct your village
  • Whittling and knife skills
  • Making bows and arrows
  • Wild food foraging (seasonal)
  • Making fire without matches – try a bow drill or flint and steel
  • Cook on a fire
  • Spoon and knife making

Stress Busting Events

Beach Art – walk to a beach, beach combing, small sand and shell art creations, sand mandalas, giant team artwork or sculptures, stone stacking, bury a team member and sculpt them into a sand creature, cooking fish on a fire.

Wild Art – walk in woodland, leaf art, stone stacking, deadwood sculptures, natural paints, weaving with ivy.

Relaxation in Nature – forest bathing, sit spots, barefoot and mindful walking, building a fire.


Environmental Service Events

Beach Cleans 

Help to tackle the worlds plastic pollution problem!

Benefits: remove plastics and other rubbish from the shore and stop them from breaking down and entering the food chain, and clean up the beach for people to enjoy it more.

Plan: meet at a beach, do 1 hour of litter picking, beach art challenge, another 30mins to 1 hour of picking litter, picnic lunch and a few drinks, tea or coffee.

Salmonberry or Himalayan balsam removal 

Help rid some of our local wild places of invasive and damaging plant species.

Benefits: Tackle a huge conservation issue on our doorstep, the removal of non-native invasive species which are negatively impacting our local wild spaces and the wildlife that lives in them. Also, some good exercise!

Plan: meet at Corstorphine Hill, do 1 hour of work, a break and woodland based activity of their choice from a list (e.g. a few games, improvised stretchers, dens, natural art) , another 30mins to 1 hour of work, cook some food on a fire and have a few drinks, tea or coffee.

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