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Over the years we have collected and created many educational wildlife tools that we love to share with kids, teachers, and parents for their inspiration. We have everything from wild cooking instructional videos, wildlife quizzes, and help for aspiring bushcraft-ers. Scroll down to the educational tools we have collected and discover what you could learn!

Over the years we have made some delicious food and so we decided to share a few of our favourite recipes. You can watch the first episode below or find the rest on our Youtube channel.

These handy guides can be used out in the wild to help you identify all kinds of wildlife, trees, and plants that are commonly found around Edinburgh. We are working on building these with our clubs at the moment, they will be with you soon!

These quizzes and wildlife themed tasks are great tests of your wildlife knowledge. We have quizzes on trees, bones, wildlife riddles, and more! The quizzes are all multiple choice, will mark themselves and you can access them by clicking here.

We have spent a lot of time looking out for videos of wildlife that we love to share with our wildlife clubs and during our teaching sessions. You can find some of our favourites here:

  • VIDEO 1 — LINK
  • VIDEO 2 — LINK
  • VIDEO 3 — LINK
  • VIDEO 4 — LINK
  • VIDEO 5 — LINK
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