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Earth Calling specialises in creating bespoke wildlife and environmental developments in school grounds. As the photos above show, our repertoire includes a wide range of projects and our skills and experience allow us to continually evolve our current themes and come up with new ideas. Project size varies hugely – we can plant a few trees or create a whole woodland, build a couple of small raised beds or one 5 metres square with steps leading up to it, paths across it and trees planted in it.

Scroll down the page to see some examples of previous grounds development we have done for schools and community groups. If you would like to find out more about pricing or arrange for Earth Calling to complete some work, please email Gus.

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classrooms provide a place in the school grounds for classes to go and sit together, and are great at encouraging everyone to spend time learning outdoors. They are always a bespoke design with either log stools or benches, using our trademark rustic style of timber.

Raised Gardens

Raised gardens are the perfect solution to a bland tarmac area. They are built bespokely to fit into and make the best of whatever space you have, and can be planted with anything from wildflowers to carrots.

If you would like to see more examples of raised gardens we have built, click here.


Living willow features are built in the winter months and can be tunnels, half-domes, igloos, walls…. the list is endless and limited only by creativity and imagination. In the spring they burst into leaf and create features in the school grounds that look amazing and can be used as hiding or exploring places for children. Each feature we create is absolutely unique and designed to fit best with your needs and space.

If you would like to see more examples of willow projects we have built, click here.


Ponds are one of the ultimate additions to any school grounds. Either raised or dug into the ground, they provide a unique habitat and will bring in a whole new range of wildlife, from little freshwater shrimps to frogs, newts and (if you’re lucky!) herons. They’re a fascinating and exciting place for children to investigate and study.

If you would like to see more examples of ponds we have built, click here.


Whenever possible we prefer to work on long term plans to transform school grounds, and many schools can show examples of a wide range of the services we provide. Here are a few examples of those, and how a bigger project can all fit and work together.

If you would like to see more examples of showcases we have built, click here.

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